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Do you require a new television aerial? Does your aerial require repositioning or a service check? If yes, Infinity Aerials can help you!

We will come around at a time suitable for you and carry out a full survey, answering any questions that you may have. We will then provide a written quotation, and if you are happy with it, we can install your aerial including all the fittings, brackets and equipment that are required on the same day. If it is more convenient, we can call back on another day.

Whether you want a traditional roof mounted installation, an aerial mounted on a wall or gable end, or you need the aerial to be installed in your loft, then get in touch with us and we will be out as soon as possible. In many cases, this will be on the same day as your request. We only use approved CAI TV aerials with 4G filtering.
If you are an avid listener of the radio, you’ll be familiar with the issues that often arise due to interference, signal break up and the hassle of trying to tune it into your favourite radio station. Not to mention all the interference that comes from other buildings, next door’s baby alarm, mobile phones, etc. It can be hard for an inferior aerial to pick up signals through brick walls so it makes sense to install an FM Aerial outside, just like your TV Aerial.

We also provide Omni FM Aerials if the reception in your area is strong, or for areas where the signal is weaker, we have 3 bar FM Aerials and larger aerials for picking up even the weakest of signals.

Our large variety of FM Radio Aerials means that we can provide just the right one for your area’s signal strength, your individual needs and your home.
Installing a DAB ensures that, no matter where you are in your home, your radio reception will always be perfect for every single radio station. And that means no more interference, crackling or having to adjust the aerial in order to pick up your favourite station.

Infinity Aerials know a thing or two about DAB Aerials and, because we are professional aerial installers, we can choose the best aerial for your home, your needs and your area based on signal strength and the type of property you have.

We offer a choice of DAB aerials for medium, weak and strong signal areas and all installers will test the strength of your signal before offering advice on which aerial to use. Our same day installation service means that we can often fit your DAB aerial on the same day that we arrive to offer our free quote and advice.
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